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Inch & Miles



“Inch & Miles Sportsmanship Tennis Festival”

at Battle in the Bay Classic

Sunday, October 14, 2012

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“Inch & Miles Sportsmanship” Program

Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and his concept of sportsmanship are at the core of the Inch and Miles Sportsmanship Program.

We teach kids that when you make the effort, 100%, to do your best, the score can’t make you a loser, do less than that, and it can’t magically turn you into a winner.

The Inch and Miles Sportsmanship Program format is highly effective due to these main factors:

  1. Using large, colorful and highly visual illustrations of the animal characters in Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success, HFK’s coaches are able to teach the children about the different character traits on the Pyramid of Success in a fun and engaging manner.

  2. Through fun sports activities specifically designed to teach them about Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, the children have the opportunity to interpret and demonstrate what the meaning of the character trait is through their own example and hands-on experience.

  3. The importance of good sportsmanship is emphasized and taught to children using Coach Wooden’s Sportsmanship Pledge. His pledge reminds children to always give your best effort, to be a good sport whether you win or lose, and and to never whine, complain or make excuses.

HFK & University of San Francisco

Community Kids Day Event

Saturday, September 23, 2012

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“Inch & Miles Sportsmanship Tennis Festival”

at Decathlon Club for InnVision Shelter Network

Sunday, June 9, 2013

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Karae Lisle, CEO of InnVision Shelter Network:

"Combining tennis activities with Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success life skills is a wonderful gift for the children at InnVision Shelter Network. These skills were presented in a fun and engaging manner during Harper For Kids’ Inch & Miles Sportsmanship Tennis Festival.

The experience will stay with our children for years, helping them to overcome the challenges of homelessness, now and into the future as they become self-sufficient adults.”

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